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Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) 5 clinics

Infectious Diseases 4 clinics

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery 4 clinics

Spinal Surgery 4 clinics

Orthopedics 4 clinics

Gynecology 4 clinics

Diagnostic Imaging 4 clinics

Urology 4 clinics

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 4 clinics

Gastroenterology 4 clinics

Immunology 3 clinics

Vascular Medicine 3 clinics

Oncology 3 clinics

Neurology 3 clinics

Maxillofacial Surgery 3 clinics

General Surgery 3 clinics

Endocrinology 3 clinics

Dermatology 3 clinics

Cardiology 3 clinics

Pediatrics 3 clinics

Ophthalmology 3 clinics

Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine 3 clinics

Colorectal Medicine 3 clinics

Rheumatology 3 clinics

Nephrology 3 clinics

Allergology 3 clinics

Neurosurgery 3 clinics

General Medicine 3 clinics

Dentistry Packages 2 clinics

Reproductive Medicine 2 clinics

Bariatric Surgery 2 clinics

Dentistry 2 clinics

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Main Land 0 clinics

Island 6 clinics

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About Hong Kong

While Hong Kong is officially part of China, it is worlds apart from the country in terms of culture, economy, and politics due to its unique history. The former British colony is now known as the place where “East meets West.” It boasts an iconic skyline, colorful traditions, lush nature, and legendary gastronomic scene. 

Hong Kong is one of the busiest and most developed areas in Asia when it comes to business, trade, and tourism. It is also known as a well-established hub for medical tourism in the region. Many medical tourists are attracted to its high-quality and cutting-edge treatments rather than cost, though it is still more affordable than most Western countries. Having one of the most innovative medical centers that combine modern treatments with Chinese methods, Hong Kong is particularly known for cancer treatments. Cosmetic treatments, such as breast augmentation is also becoming increasingly popular.

Popular Cities and Regions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is divided into three main regions: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories. The most popular region for international visitors is Hong Kong Island. It is the Central area, as well as the political and economic center of Hong Kong. One of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong Island is Victorian Peak, or The Peak, which is covered in lush greenery and offers the most beautiful view of the skyscrapers, harbor, and surrounding islands. Kowloon is considered as the more authentic and edgier side of Hong Kong. It offers a blend of old and new. In this region, visitors can go to Wong Tai Sin Temple, meet macaques in Kam Shan Country Park, explore the Temple Street night market, admire Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden, and eat street food in Mong Kok. Another popular area is Lantau Island, which is where Hong Kong Disneyland and the Big Buddha are located.

Transport in Hong Kong

International visitors will arrive at Hong Kong International Airport, which operates flights to many destinations around the world. The airport is served by budget airlines as well. The best way to get around Hong Kong is by MTR (Mass Transit Railway) as it is one of the world’s most advanced metro systems. Public buses and taxis are available as well and taxis in Hong Kong are relatively inexpensive.

Visas in Hong Kong

Holders of passports issued by around 170 countries and territories, including South Korea and the United States, can visit Hong Kong without a visa for 7 to 180 days. Other countries not listed in the visa-free entry have to apply for a visa before entering Hong Kong. 

Weather in Hong Kong

Summer, from June to September, is very hot and humid, with an average temperature of 32°C. Summer is also the rainy season in Hong Kong. Autumn is from October to November and spring runs from March to May, both have pleasant weather with many sunny days. Winter starts in December and ends in February. The temperatures during the winter can drop as low as 10°C.

Additional Info
  1. Local Currency: Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) is the official currency of Hong Kong. The conversion rate from 1 USD is approximately 7.8 HKD.
  2. Money & Payments: Cash is still a common method of payment in Hong Kong, though hotels, restaurants, and department stores do accept credit cards. ATMs are widespread and most of them are linked to international money systems, such as Visa Electron, Cirrus, and Maestro. 
  3. Local Language: Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin) and English are the official languages in Hong Kong, with Cantonese as the most commonly spoken language, followed by Mandarin and English. 
  4. Local Culture and Religion: Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and Christianity are four of the largest religion in Hong Kong. Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and the Bahá'í Faith are also practiced by a small percentage of the population. 
  5. Public holidays: Some of the most celebrated public holidays are New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s Day, Ching Ming Festival, and Buddha’s Birthday.