About Us

MediJump, part of MyMediGroup, is one of the leading medical information and referral companies in the world. Our mission is to provide customers with a single platform for all Medical Tourism requirements, from information and research materials to searching and finding the most suitable hospital to facilitate their every requirement.
MediJump was founded on these core principles: Quality, Transparency and Simplicity:
We only work with the best clinics and hospitals accredited by the likes of JCI and ISO.
In order to give our customers a true representation of the marketplace, we aim to partner with more of the quality hospitals/clinics, without limiting our offerings to JCI accredited facilities only.
We make everything clear for you so you don't have to worry.
Everything's already here so you can save time and effort searching Google, just search MediJump!
How We Help
With our extensive knowledge of the medical industry in our represented countries, we can provide all the help and advice our customers would need when deciding upon which hospital’s services to use. And our help doesn’t stop there, we can advise or even book your accommodation, provide travel recommendations, arrange airport pick-up, offer discounted services with our local partners and much more. But our primary aim is to match you with your perfect hospital and doctor,then using our power, push you to the front of the queue and get you booked in on your preferred date.
All our partnered facilities (hospitals and clinics alike) must meet a minimum standard – we will never promote the services of a sub-standard facility. We focus on quality facilities and we aim to provide a true representation of the marketplace on one website, so our clients don’t need to look elsewhere. For that reason, we don’t limit our offerings to JCI-accredited facilities only, but for all our non-JCI facilities, only the very best are included.
Whilst we understand the significance of any medical procedure carried out at home or overseas and the desire to thoroughly research your options, we want to make this process as easy and refined as possible. That’s why we offer our customers the chance to complete a unique Free Quote form - by giving us all the important details, we’re able to do the legwork for you, saving hours searching a multitude of websites, and allowing you to focus on your most suitable facilities. Once the most appropriate one has been selected (based on all the info, reviews and pricing provided), we’ll get you straight to the front of the queue and chat directly with the doctor or his/her team of staff – it couldn’t be more straightforward.
Why Use MediJump?
We believe there are many reasons for using our services over the services of any other provider or even going directly to your desired hospital, and the main reason is NOT that we’re completely free. The main reason is that we save our customers so much time and effort, during what can be an extremely time-consuming process, after all, time is our greatest commodity – use it wisely.
Through our unique Free Quote form, we save our customers the time and effort otherwise required to trawl through website after website, review after review – we provide all this personalized information in one place
Our service to you is free, there are no booking fees concerned with hospital costs, and we’ll never ask you for up-front payment for any procedure – you pay the hospital directly, after your first consultation
Best Price
We don’t mark up the cost of hospital fees, they set the prices and offer all patients the best prices possible, so you’re always guaranteed to pay the cheapest prices
Accurate Pricing
When we provide an estimated cost for a procedure at a certain facility, we calculate this price based on thousands of prices to give more accurate estimates
Rich Content
The more information customers have on their preferred hospital/clinic, the easier it is to make a decision. For each facility, we’ll always inform you of their accreditation level, customer reviews, and ratings and provide you with photos to help paint a clearer picture
Widest Selection
We’re constantly adding to our selection of 500+ hospitals, clinics, and dentists, so you will always be guaranteed a true representation of the marketplace. Unlike many other websites that only offer a handful of facilities, severely limiting their customer’s choice
Best Selection
We only partner with the very best facilities in each region so we can guarantee the highest standards available
Currency Selection
Choose to see prices in your currency – no need to waste more time by converting every price you see, simply select your home currency in the top-right
We don’t take up-front payments for hospital fees, so there’s no risk should your plans change or you simply decide you’re not interested anymore. We’ll happily re-arrange or cancel your appointment with the hospital/clinic so you don’t need to worry about anything (Note, some facilities may apply their own T&Cs when cancelling)
As with the risk-free element of our services, you can trust that we are working on your behalf, as we have done for so many previous customers, all of whom have saved time and money thanks to us
With trust comes privacy – your personal data is completely safe with us and we’ll never sell it on to third parties
Our Team

The MediJump Team are dotted all over the world, giving us a truly global reach and allowing us to cover every time zone. Our head office is located in Bangkok, Thailand, whilst our other major offices are located in Singapore and Phuket, Thailand.

Interested in joining our growing team? Send us your resume and a little info about yourself and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. For job inquiries, please send to [email protected]