Discover Medical Categories Available in Hungary

Dentistry 29 clinics

Dentistry Packages 24 clinics

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery 23 clinics

Dermatology 12 clinics

Cosmetology 7 clinics

Diagnostic Imaging 7 clinics

Gynecology 6 clinics

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) 5 clinics

Hair Restoration 5 clinics

Orthopedics 4 clinics

Urology 4 clinics

Ophthalmology 4 clinics

Colorectal Medicine 4 clinics

General Surgery 3 clinics

Gastroenterology 2 clinics

Endocrinology 2 clinics

Laboratory Medicine 2 clinics

Infectious Diseases 1 clinics

Reproductive Medicine 1 clinics

Neurology 1 clinics

Vascular Medicine 1 clinics

Allergology 1 clinics

Cardiology 1 clinics

Oncology 1 clinics

Discover the Regions of Hungary

Budapest 52 clinics

Buk 0 clinics

Bukfurdo 1 clinics

Mosonmagyarovar 3 clinics

Pecs 2 clinics

Szeged 2 clinics

Szekesfehervar 1 clinics

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About Hungary

Located in Central Europe, Hungary is one of the most visited countries in the world. The country charms visitors with its art Nouveau architecture, great festivals, thermal baths, and history. In addition to the wonderful attractions, it also attracts medical tourists from all over the world due to its medical centers. The country has only one JCI accredited facility since it mainly depends on the local accreditation board licensed by the Hungarian Ministry of Health and the State National Health Commission and Medical Service. Most of the medical tourists travel for Plastic Surgery procedures as well as Dental Procedures and Hungary is known to have one of the lowest medical costs in Europe. 

Popular Cities and Regions

The country might be small in size, but it houses numerous beautiful attractions and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of the most visited cities is Budapest and it is the capital of Hungary with beautiful boulevards, hot springs, thriving nightlife, and outstanding architecture. Another popular city is Eger, which is famous for its castle, historic buildings, thermals baths, and red wine. Tourists who want to immerse themselves in the country’s nature should visit Siofok, a city located on the southern coast of Lake Balaton that has many spots for tourists to sunbathe or to go sailing during the summer. Debrecen and Szeged are other popular cities that tourists should visit. 


Hungary has five large airports. However, most international tourists will arrive at Ferenc Liszt International Airport. It has international connections to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and North America. Budget airlines, such as Wizz Air, EasyJet, and Ryanair are available for anyone looking for affordable travel. The country has a highly developed transport system. Other than domestic flights, tourists can opt for Intercity (IC) trains and buses to travel around the country. Taxis are also available.


Citizens of the US and Canada can stay in Hungary for up to 90 days without a visa. Visa-free entry is also granted for citizens of EU/EEA members and 33 other countries. Hungary is also a part of the Schengen Agreement.


Summer in Hungary is warm and pleasant, it starts from June to August. Spring and Autumn have mild temperatures and fill the country with amazing colors. Winter is usually very cold with an average temperature of -3°C to -7°C, sometimes dropping to -10°C.

Additional Info
  1. Local Currency: The official currency is the Hungarian Forint. 1 USD is equivalent to 299 HUF.
  2. Money & Payments: Tourists will find many ATMs all around the country. Credit cards are accepted in most shops, hotels, and restaurants. Tipping is not necessary.
  3. Local Language: Hungarian is the official language and many people (particularly the youngsters) will speak English. 
  4. Local Culture and Religion: Christianity is the largest religion, but there are small groups of Jews, Buddhists, and Muslims.
  5. Public holidays: Christian holidays are the most celebrated public holidays in the country, including Easter and Christmas. During public holidays, most businesses are closed and public transportation is less frequent.