Discover Medical Categories Available in Czech Republic

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery 19 clinics

Reproductive Medicine 13 clinics

Orthopedics 11 clinics

Bariatric Surgery 9 clinics

Cosmetology 8 clinics

Urology 8 clinics

Ophthalmology 7 clinics

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 7 clinics

Diagnostic Imaging 7 clinics

Dermatology 7 clinics

Hair Restoration 7 clinics

Gynecology 6 clinics

General Surgery 6 clinics

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) 6 clinics

Dentistry 5 clinics

Oncology 4 clinics

Neurology 3 clinics

Gastroenterology 3 clinics

Laboratory Medicine 3 clinics

Dentistry Packages 3 clinics

Colorectal Medicine 3 clinics

Cardiology 2 clinics

General Medicine 2 clinics

Psychology 1 clinics

Infectious Diseases 1 clinics

Nephrology 1 clinics

Endocrinology 1 clinics

Psychiatry 1 clinics

Spinal Surgery 1 clinics

Rheumatology 1 clinics

Discover the Regions of Czech Republic

Prague 60 clinics

Velke Mezirici 1 clinics

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About Czech Republic

Nestled in the center of Europe, the Czech Republic is a historic jewel filled with breathtaking castles, ancient ruins, medieval towns, stunning national parks, elegant spa resorts, and world-class wineries. In recent years, the Czech Republic has become one of the most preferred destinations for medical tourism in Europe. The country offers top quality medical centers that boast high-end technology, first-class services, and some of the best medical professionals in the world. These medical centers focus on patients’ safety and satisfaction, so foreign patients can be sure that they are handled by skilled doctors who truly care about patients’ wellbeing.

Popular Cities and Regions in the Czech Republic

Most visitors flock to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Boasting stunning Gothic architecture and medieval streets, visitors are welcome to visit Prague Castle, stroll around the Old Town Square, admire Charles Bridge, gaze up at the Astronomical Clock, see the Dancing House, go to St. Vitus Cathedral, or experience the city’s eccentric nightlife. Outside of Prague, Ceský Krumlov is a must-visit. It is a picturesque town that sits on the Vltava River and boasts red-roofed buildings and medieval architecture. Other popular places in the country include Moravian Wine Region and Kutná Hora. 

Transport in the Czech Republic

Václav Havel Airport Prague is the main international airport in the Czech Republic, which serves flights to more than 55 destinations around the globe. The domestic flight service is extensive, but flying within the country is rarely necessary as it is a small country. The Czech Republic has one of the most comprehensive rail networks in Europe and the trains are fast, comfortable, and affordable. Regional buses are also an excellent option to get around. The service is frequent and reasonably priced. For visiting regions with minimal public transport, renting a car can be a good option. Inside the cities, the public transport system is excellent. In Prague, for example, metro, tram, and bus services are available. Metered taxis are abundant and the fares are higher at night.

Visas in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic is part of the Schengen system and nationals of all EU countries do not need a visa to enter and stay regardless of their length of stay and purpose of visit. Apart from citizens of EU countries, citizens of 62 other countries are allowed to visit and stay in the Czech Republic for up to 90 days within a six month period without a visa. These countries include Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and the US. Citizens of other countries not listed in the visa-exempt program, such as China and India, need to apply and obtain a visa before arriving in the Czech Republic.

Weather in the Czech Republic

There are four distinct seasons in the Czech Republic. The summer, from June to August, has the warmest and rainiest weather. The average temperature in the summer is around 24°C to 26°C. Winter, from November to March, can get rather cold as the temperature dip to an average of about 2°C to 9°C. The seasons experience some rain and snowfall as well. Spring and autumn are both pleasant, though they can be a bit chilly. There is little to no rainfall during both seasons.

Additional Info
  1. Local Currency: The official currency is the Czech Koruna/Czech Crown (CZK). 1 USD converts to approximately 23 CZK. 
  2. Money & Payments: ATMs are widely available in the Czech Republic and most major credit cards are accepted in many places. Tipping is expected in most cases, typically around 10% of the bill. 
  3. Local Language: Czech is the official and most widely spoken language. Most people also speak Slovak. English and German are widely spoken and understood in major cities and tourist areas.
  4. Local Culture and Religion: Most of the population does not follow any religion. However, the largest religion is Christianity, and a small percentage of the population practice other religions, such as Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Paganism.
  5. Public holidays: Some of the more important public holidays are Liberation Day, Jan Hus Day, Republic Day, and Czech Statehood Day.