Gemini Eye Clinic - Wien

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Gemini Eye Clinic - Wien

Opernring 1, Stiege R 7, Stock


Highlights at Gemini Eye Clinic - Wien

Gemini Eye Clinic - Wien in Vienna, Austria

Gemini Eye Clinic - Wien, can be found in Heiligenstaedter Str, Vienna, Austria.

How many procedures are offered to patients at Gemini Eye Clinic - Wien?

They are focused on only one procedure at their Clinic.

How is Gemini Eye Clinic - Wien rated among MediJump customers?

The Clinic hasn't been reviewed by MediJump customers yet.

What languages do staff speak at Gemini Eye Clinic - Wien?

Gemini Eye Clinic - Wien offers very limited amount of facilities on top of its medical/dental offerings, and is very well catered to local patients and international patients by employing staff who speak both English and German.

How many medical staff are there and what accreditation's do they have?

All patients are catered to by the head specialist at the Clinic, and Gemini Eye Clinic - Wien is not accredited by any recognised accreditations institutions.


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Available Procedures at Gemini Eye Clinic - Wien

Cataract Surgery

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Doctors at Gemini Eye Clinic - Wien

  • Dr Pavel Stodulka, Ph.D.

    Dr Pavel Stodulka, Ph.D.


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